Global Outreach Day – May 30th

by Jesus Film Media on May 22, 2015


Did you know that Global Outreach Day is next Friday, May 30th? The vision is to see every follower of Jesus in the world share their faith with at least one other person – on the same day!

It’s easy for you to join over 7 million fellow believers next Saturday in sharing your story and God’s Story. Here’s how:

First- ask God who you should share with. Maybe God is asking you to share with someone you share the commute home with. Or it could be a friend who needs to be introduced to Jesus.

Second – pray specifically for this person.

Third – Share! At Jesus Film Media, we think this is the fun part.

We’ve suggested seven short films that you can access through The Jesus Film Media App, or right from the website, just click on the images. Each of these clips are designed to launch spiritual conversations. You’ll find short descriptions of each along with questions regardless of how you share the videos – online or through the app.

We’re praying with you that God will change lives through your faith!

So without further ado, here are 7 short films that you can use that are available in Global Outreach Day collection on the Jesus Film app.


#1: Ctrl-Z

This short film starring Tony Hale of “Arrested Development” entertains with the possibility of undoing life’s regrets with a keystroke.


#2: Rain

A daughter places a desperate phone call to her parents in the dead of night.

Available in Arabic, English and Chinese


#3: #FallingPlates

With brokenness all around us, there is One who redeems our brokenness.


#4: Jesus Calms the Storm

There is peace that can be found in the midst of life’s storms. This 2 minute scene from the JESUS film



#5: Parable of the Good Samaritan

Jesus’ example of sacrificial love breaks through the norms of His day and ours.



#6: Jesus Triumphal Entry (1min)


Everyone likes a party, right? When Jesus comes to town we are confronted with how we will respond


#7: Invitation to Know Jesus Personally (6min)


Sometimes it’s just this simple. When you need to share how someone can begin a relationship with the one who alters our story, it’s nice to have a closer that’s available in nearly 1300 languages.




Initiative Evangelism

by on December 4, 2014

Initiative evangelism

  • Download Jesus Film Media app – play around/familiarize yourself with it
  • Map – country – language – see what types films available in your country

    • Select “Short Films
    • For example, choose: “Vinylphoto(3)
  • Download film (press download the button, the far left option on the middle of screen)
    • Video can now be found under “My Videos” button
    • Watch film before using it in ministry
  • Role play! Referencing the [More] button in the description area
    • After watching the film, pair up for role play
    • Have both friends play the role of “Christian” and then “Student”
    • Note: it will be awkward and take some time getting use to! But practice helps – think of the first time you used one of the other tools – it just takes a little getting use to
  • Questions: choose 2-3 in the [More] section that relate with your personal story


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