Just Released- Jesus Film Media App 2.0

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It is even easier to share your faith with the updated Jesus Film Media App 2.0.

The new Jesus Film Media App 2.0 has hit the App Store and Google Play today ! Updated features include brand new global localizations (so that when the app is downloaded to a device, it automatically uses the device’s default language), major video search improvements, “related content” suggestions, expanded share options (including Messenger, Snapchat, and more), a cleaner map interface, and country detail pages. Visit jesusfilmapp.com to download the app, a great companion that makes it easier to share your faith.
Jesus Film Media App 2.0


When Going Home for the Holidays Is Tough

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For some people, returning home for Thanksgiving or Christmas is a joy: good memories, treasured traditions, and the faces of loved-ones… for many people, though, going home can be tough. Relationships have been damaged, families have been divided, and hurtful words that can’t be taken back have been exchanged.

Home and the people who make up “home” are always complex – even for those who have good family situations. In La Búsqueda, a short film that means “The Search” in Spanish, we we see the complexities of a father-daughter relationship unfold.

Though not a single word is spoken in the entire seven-minute film, we clearly understand that some kind of hurt has occurred in the family. In a series of imaginative scenes, the father reaches out to his daughter across many, many miles with a tin can and a red string – an old throwback to a craft they used to make together when the daughter was young.

Again and again, the daughter rejects the father’s attempt to reach out to her until finally one particular tin can makes her change her mind… but the ending isn’t what you expect.

La Búsqueda

Watch La Búsqueda on the Jesus Film App.

  1. Download the Jesus Film App
  2. Swipe down to “Short Films.”
  3. Open “Short Films,” and select the Videos tab on the mid-right.
  4. Swipe down and select La Búsqueda.
  5. Select the play icon.
  6. Watch and share!

Reflection Questions

Are you getting together with family this holiday season? If not, is it because of a past hurt that hasn’t been forgiven? Reconciliation can be a difficult process – especially when it involves the people who are closest to us: our family members. Regardless of which side you sit on – victim or perpetrator, strong or weak, justified or marginalized – pray about reconciling your relationships this season.

Who is the one person with whom you most need reconciliation?

  • Why is the relationship damaged?
  • Have either of you tried to repair it before?
  • How can you open up a conversation with that person?

Try journaling your responses to these questions, and prayerfully consider pursuing reconciliation with him or her.

We All Have Something To Hide. But Is It THIS Obvious?

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Shame is one of the earliest emotions referenced in the Bible. It appears in Genesis 2:25, but in a positive context. “Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame,” we read.

Of course, that didn’t last long.

It’s not too many paragraphs later until Adam and Eve eat from the Tree and sin enters the world. Along with it… shame, that nasty feeling that’s one part painful, one part embarrassing, and many parts extremely uncomfortable. In that moment of shame, we can’t believe what we did.

“I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“I’ll never do that again.”

“I just wasn’t thinking.”

These are all statements we might make when we get caught doing something we shouldn’t be doing and experience that stomach-dropping sense of shame. Jangled, a short-film available on the Jesus Film App, carefully displays all of those feelings.

A Short & Unexpected Film About Shame

JangledJangled approaches shame from an interesting perspective. In the film, a young woman picks up a beautiful gold bracelet in a museum and places it around her wrist with the full knowledge that she is stealing the bracelet.

At first, she’s proud of her new piece of jewelry. The feeling doesn’t last long. Soon, something beyond her control begins to happen, causing her to feel total shame and social anxiety.

WATCH Jangled

Watch Jangled for yourself, following these steps:

  1. Download the Jesus Film App
  2. Swipe down to “Short Films.”
  3. Open “Short Films,” and select the Videos tab on the mid-right.
  4. Swipe down and select Jangled.
  5. Select the play icon.
  6. Watch and share!

Questions to Think About


  1. What did you think of the film? How did it make you feel?
  2. Did the film end as you expected? Why or why not?


  1. Why do you think she’s trying to hide the bracelets?
  2. Why do we hide things from others?


  1. Have you ever felt you needed to hide something from others?
  2. What might the bracelet represent in your life?


  1. Issues of shame and honor ultimately point to how we view God. How do you view God?
  2. What do you think your response would be after being freed from the bracelets?

Did you know that these questions (and discussion questions for all Short Films in the app) are available by tapping the ‘More’ button beneath the film?

Love Is A Choice You Make Moment to Moment

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There are two kinds of decisions. There are the decisions you make just once (or a very few times) in life. And then there are the decisions that you must make over and over again.

In the first category: You can decide to get married. You can decide to start a family. Maybe you choose to move or to take one career path over another. These are the big decisions that have a profound impact on the rest of your life. Oftentimes, their effects cannot be reversed.

And then there are those decisions we must make daily. These are decisions that you must say YES to every day… every hour… and, perhaps, every minute.

Love Is A Choice…

An insightful person once said, “Love is a choice you make from moment to moment.” Nobody decides just one time, “I’m going to be a loving person,” and then sticks to their resolution for all time.

We all fail at love. Every day. We are all capable, for example, of turning a blind eye to injustice or saying an unkind word to an undeserving person. So, we must make the proactive decision to love on a daily basis if we ever want to become known as genuinely loving people.

Dying RoadsWATCH Dying Roads

Dying Roads is a short film available on the Jesus Film App that poignantly interjects itself into the heart of this very dilemma. A beat-up man lies in the street, thick raindrops splashing down on his injured body, dirty rainwater filling up the gutters and washing over his face.

As he lies there, possibly taking his last breath, passerby after passerby walks along the sidewalk. Only one man even seems to notice, but even he won’t put down his cellphone and pull the man out of the gutter.

Will anyone help him? Will anyone make the decision to love? Watch Dying Roads to find out…

  1. Download the Jesus Film App
  2. Swipe down to “Short Films.”
  3. Open “Short Films,” and select the Videos tab on the mid-right.
  4. Swipe down and select Dying Roads.
  5. Select the play icon.
  6. Watch and share!

How Can You Make the Decision to Love?

Share the love of Jesus with someone today. Tell them about the Jesus FIlm App, a great way to engage with the gospels and the power of Jesus Christ’s love for us. Short films on the Jesus Film App offer an easy and enjoyable way to introduce friends, family, and strangers to the message of Jesus Christ!

All You Need Is Need

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Pastor, author, and apologist Tim Keller writes, “If you want God’s grace, all you need is need, all you need is nothing. But that kind of spiritual humility is hard to muster. We come to God saying, ‘Look at all I’ve done,’ or maybe ‘Look at all I’ve suffered.’ God, however, wants us to look to him.”

All You Need Is Need.

The phrase makes you stop and think. It’s a paradox. All you need is need – like an endless cycle, a wheel that keeps spinning. Without God in the picture, the phrase can only offer us a bleak and hopeless image.

But when Jesus shows up, everything changes. Jesus says to us, You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to have it all figured out. You don’t have to prove yourself. You only need to need me.”

WATCH Jätku Leiba (“May Our Bread Always Last”)

Jätku Leiba is a short film (shot on location in Estonia) that raises several questions for viewers about need. In the film, we see a single mother face several challenges – any one of which would qualify as a “bad day” for most of us.

She faces all kinds of needs: food, rest, money, companionship, and others. Despite these challenges, there is a peacefulness and contentedness about her. Though she is clearly worried and exhausted, she seems to have that kind of “need” that Keller talks about. She seems to know of her need for Jesus.

Jätku LeibaWatch Jätku Leiba on the Jesus Film App, and tell us what you think. To view this short film:

  1. Download the Jesus Film App
  2. Swipe down to “Short Films.”
  3. Open “Short Films,” and select the Videos tab on the mid-right.
  4. Swipe down and select Jätku Leiba.
  5. Select the play icon.
  6. Watch and share!

In Matthew chapter nineteen, Jesus tells a rich young man that, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” Is Jesus condemning wealth? Not necessarily. We read of many wealthy people in the Bible who were faithful servants of God. What Jesus may be saying, however, is that those who have much may feel less need than those who have little.

What’s your take on Jätku Leiba? Is Keller right? Is “need” all we need?

Like A Wine Stain On A First Date

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Our society is pressure-oriented. We feel a pressure to be the best, the prettiest, the most-liked, the wealthiest.

To achieve these things we work long past 5:00 p.m…

We spend hundreds of dollars for a few ounces of designer perfume…

We mindlessly refresh our social media profiles to make sure everything about us looks perfect.


Isn’t that what so many of us strive for? Though we all tell each other, “You’re perfect just the way you are,” we don’t really mean it, do we? Deep down, we think, Sure, that may be true for you, but not for me. I’m far from perfect.

The strive for unattainable perfection haunts most of us – whether we’re willing to admit it or not.

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect. For Just One Reason…

It’s not because “you’re good enough.”

In truth, you’re not.

None of us are.

And if that was the end of the story, then we would all face an unfathomably bleak and hopeless reality.

Incredibly, Jesus Christ makes us perfect. He’s the reason why we don’t have to be perfect. He sanctifies us – he makes us holy, sets us apart – by taking the blame for our sins on the cross. This guilt and shame that we feel… we don’t have to bear it. We don’t have to fight and struggle to overcome it, because Jesus already did that for us.

What’s the “Stain” You See On Yourself?

CabernetCabernet is a short film on the Jesus Film App that asks us to consider all of these questions. In the film, a young man gets a wine stain on his fresh white shirt while waiting for his date to arrive. As he tries to fix the stain himself, he only makes it worse. He struggles for perfection, and in doing so, finds that not only is he unable to fix the stain; he actually draws more attention to his stain.

Cabernet: Short ‘Conversation Starter’ on The Jesus Film App

You’ll have to view the film to see what happens to his stain. To watch Cabernet:

  1. Download the Jesus Film App
  2. Swipe down to “Short Films.”
  3. Open “Short Films,” and select the Videos tab on the mid-right.
  4. Swipe down and select Cabernet.
  5. Select the play icon.
  6. Watch and share!

As you view Cabernet, consider:

What’s my “stain?” What am I ashamed of?

Can you give this stain to Jesus? Why or why not? You don’t have to share your “stain,” but please feel free to share about your own feelings concerning sin and perfection in the comments below.

Who Did Jesus Hang Out With?

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Jesus Christ is the most important and influential person who has ever lived.

But Jesus’ friends rarely fell into the “important” and “influential” categories. We don’t have many records of him associating with the rich and famous of his day.

Instead, Jesus chose the “little” people. He chose the sinners. The marginalized.

Who do we know Jesus spent time with?

The JESUS FilmHe spent time with Zacchaeus, a despised tax collector and a cheat.

He spoke with the woman at the well, who had had five husbands and was sleeping with another man.

He made time for children – though his disciples tried to stop him.

Jesus Is For “The Least of These”

Remember Matthew 25:40? “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” Jesus is for “the least of these.”

He doesn’t see small people. Unimportant people. Poor people. He doesn’t see people beyond hope or repair.

Jesus sees us as the broken people we are and affirms our identity. Why? Because we are made in His image! We are all image-bearers of God. As the Psalmist sings, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Even the least of us carry the image of God.

Are You For “The Least of These?”

Are you for or against “the least of these?” Do you see the poor, the marginalized, and the sinner as an image-bearer of God? Do you see these people as worthy of your time, care, and attention?

Jesus did.

Reaching “The Least of These” With the Jesus Film App

As we shared in a recent blog post, it’s sometimes difficult to talk about faith with a stranger. When the stranger comes from a different culture, has different beliefs, or doesn’t share your same socioeconomic status, the gap widens.

The good news is that because Jesus is for “the least of these,” He’s also for you sharing the Gospel with them. With the Jesus Film App, sharing the Gospel with others is easy and effective. The app features the full-length JESUS film in 1,300 languages (and counting). Additionally, users can select various clips from the movie in a wide variety of languages.

As Christians, we’re called to reach “the least of these.” What’s keeping you from sharing the Gospel with someone this week?

What If You Had an Undo Button For Life?

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Everyone has a bad day. But no one gets to redo that bad day over from scratch… no one but the bullied, shy, and lonely protagonist in Ctrl Z (expertly played by Tony Hale, who many may recognize as “Buster Bluth” from Arrested Development).

Ctrl ZIn Ctrl Zavailable free on the Jesus Film App under “Conversation Starters” – a computer keyboard malfunction allows an office loner to instantly go back in time to reverse his mistakes and discover a new sense of confidence. With the simple “undo” command, Hale’s character can do or say whatever he wants without facing the consequences or fear of rejection.

If things don’t work out… undo. Easy, right?

Thrilled at his new discovery, he asks a coworker, “What if you could start over from any point in your life? What if you could undo everything? How far back would you go?”

How Far Back Would You Go?

When was the last time you made a big mistake? The last time you said something you would give the world if only you could take it back? How far back would you go? Think about it.

Write down your answer, and come back to it later today. Chances are, by the time you revisit this question, you’ll be able to think of an even further point back in your history that you’d like to go back and change.

The truth is, we are all broken and damaged people. Our entire lives before Christ are characterized by our sins and shortcomings. And then – with Christ – everything changes…

Our mistakes no longer define us.

Our sins are not our defining characteristics.

As we read in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” As Paul writes in Romans 6:14, “For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.”

With Jesus in our hearts, the tables have turned. Our sins, our failures, our pasts… these are no longer the things that define us and control us. Instead, all our hope – all our identity – is found in Christ and Christ alone.

Would it still be nice to have an “undo” button for our future sins and mistakes? Sure, it would be nice. But the best news in the world is that we don’t need it. When we have Jesus as our Savior, our sins don’t control us; they don’t define us; and they won’t take away the most valuable thing any person could ever own: a personal relationship and eternal life with Jesus Christ.

Share Ctrl Z With Someone This Week!

Did this video impact you? Did it raise questions? Change your perspective? If so, share this video with a friend in the Jesus Film App (go to “Conversation Starters,” “Videos,” Ctrl Z). Also, be sure to tell us what you think of this video in the comments below!


Why Is It So Hard to Talk About Faith With a Stranger?

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Starting a conversation with a stranger isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

…and a conversation about faith?

For many Christians, that’s just too far outside the comfort zone. These same Christians, however, would probably tell you that their faith is the most important thing in their lives.

So, where’s the disconnect?

Why We Struggle to Talk About Faith

Jesus’s love for us – and the relationship made possible through his love – is incredibly beautiful. God’s grace and salvation is open to each and every person that has ever lived. Language, race, socioeconomic status, education, past sins, future failures… nothing can prevent the love of God from reaching a human being when the Holy Spirit is at work.

As Paul writes in Romans 8:39, “No power in the sky above or in the earth below–indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Christianity is an amazing gift for the world.

And at the same time, it’s so intensely personal…

In prayer, we confess our darkest sins. In despair, it sometimes feel like God has abandoned us. In times of worship, we can experience such euphoria and delight in God that could never be fully expressed to another person.

Christianity Is Deeply Personal & Astoundingly Universal

It’s out of this paradox that witnessing is a rather intimidating prospect for many people. How can I explain prayer? worship? communion?

We doubt that people will really hear the truth in our words. We doubt that they’ll believe us. Worse, we think they might laugh at us. Reject us.

Talking About Faith With the Jesus Film App

There’s no easy fix for these inner-reservations, but we hope that with the Jesus Film app, having those tough conversations becomes just a little bit easier. Through this app, we provide you with natural starting points to begin conversations about Jesus. Interesting, moving, and relatable videos give believers and nonbelievers common ground to stand on.

To view these short conversation starters, just open the Jesus Film app….

  1. Swipe down to “Short Films.”
  2. Open “Short Films,” and select the Videos tab on the mid-right.
  3. Select #FallingPlates, the first video in the queue.
  4. Select the play icon.
  5. Watch and share!

Jesus Film Media-Falling Plates







Beautifully produced and edited, #FallingPlates is one of our favorite Short Films for introducing fundamental Christian concepts like creation, the fall, Christ’s coming and resurrection, redemption, and salvation. It’s a great video for starting a conversation with someone who knows little to nothing about Christianity.

Do You Find It Hard to Talk About Faith?

Why or why not? We’d like to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

Initiative Evangelism

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Initiative evangelism

  • photo3Download Jesus Film Media app – play around/familiarize yourself with it
  • Map – country – language – see what types films available in your country

    • Select “Short Films
    • For example, choose: “Vinyl
  • Download film (press download the button, the far left option on the middle of screen)
    • Video can now be found under “My Videos” button
    • Watch film before using it in ministry
  • Role play! Referencing the [More] button in the description area
    • After watching the film, pair up for role play
    • Have both friends play the role of “Christian” and then “Student”
    • Note: it will be awkward and take some time getting use to! But practice helps – think of the first time you used one of the other tools – it just takes a little getting use to
  • Questions: choose 2-3 in the [More] section that relate with your personal story