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Discussion Questions

  • How is the sacrifice of Jesus part of God's plan?
  • How do the different groups of people respond to Jesus and His teachings?
  • What are some of the miracles Jesus performed? How do they affect those people?
  • How do you respond to the life of Jesus?

About the Film


Jesus constantly surprises and confounds people, from His miraculous birth to His rise from the grave. Follow His life through excerpts from the Book of Luke, all the miracles, the teachings, and the passion.

In the greater story of the world, God creates everything and loves mankind. But mankind disobeys God. God and mankind are separated. God loves mankind so much, He arranges redemption for mankind. He sends his Son Jesus to be a perfect sacrifice to make amends for us.

Before Jesus arrives, God prepares mankind. Prophets speak of the birth, the life, and the death of Jesus. They speak of a Savior for mankind. At the right time, an angel appears to Mary, who would be the mother of Jesus. He confirms that Jesus would be the Son of the Spirit and Mary. And after traveling to Nazareth with her husband Joseph, Mary gives birth to Jesus just as every prophecy foretold. When John the Baptist baptizes Jesus, the Holy Spirit rests on Him and the voice of God proclaims that Jesus is His Son. He endures a trial of temptation in the desert for 40 days and starts along his three-year journey in ministry.

Immediately, Jesus attracts attention. The people of Nazareth try to throw Him from a cliff when He claims to be the Messiah. He lets a woman wash His feet with tears, teaches that others might be more important than family, and lets women follow Him. He teaches in parables no one really understands, performs an exorcism on a demon-possessed man, gives sight to the blind, and helps those who no one sees as worth helping. He reframes what the Jews think the Messiah should look like and be.

And it scares the Jewish leaders. They see him as a threat. So they arrange, through Judas the traitor and their Roman oppressors, for the crucifixion of Jesus. They think the matter is settled. But the women who serve Jesus discover an empty tomb. The disciples panic. When Jesus appears, they doubt He’s real. But it’s what He proclaimed all along: He is their perfect sacrifice, their Savior, victor over death. He ascends to heaven, telling His followers to tell others about Him and His teachings.

How is the sacrifice of Jesus part of God’s plan?

How do the different groups of people respond to Jesus and His teachings?

What are some of the miracles Jesus performed? How do they affect those people?

How do you respond to the life of Jesus?

This docudrama works perfectly as introduction to Jesus through the Gospel of Luke. Use the catalog of more than 1,100 languages to share with everyone across the world. The response of those hearing Jesus in their own language is overwhelming.

Jesus acts as a piece in a larger story. Mankind’s redemption hinges on the suffering and rejection of the sinless offering of Jesus Christ. In witnessing His crucifixion and rise from the dead, we see God’s (and therefore, Jesus’s) authority over death and justification for all sin.

Those who follow Jesus, confessing Him as Savior and leaving their old lives behind, are saved from God’s wrath against their sins. When judged, Jesus’s blood will cover them so that they are sinless in the eyes of God. This is demonstrated in story after story when Jesus is able to declare, "Your sins have been forgiven."

Luke, an attentive doctor concerned with detail, recorded the events seen in the Jesus film. He heard from multiple witnesses and the apostles as he collected the information gathered in his gospel.

Often in response to the disciples, Jesus asks for obedience. They keep looking for a list of laws or ways. But Jesus only answers, "Follow me." The teachings of Jesus baffle those familiar with another world system. In the days of Jesus, Jews had trouble grasping concepts that challenged their laws. Today, the world makes its own rules. And some react violently to the concepts put forth by Jesus.

The miracles of Jesus display His God-given authority over the things in this world. Each miracle becomes a teaching opportunity and an observation of the character of Jesus. Just like His teaching, there are ways that each miracle defies the common thought and established laws of the time.

128 mins