Assurance Of Salvation

Assurance Of Salvation
24 mins


Discussion Questions

  • According to the teacher, how does someone become a believer in Jesus?
  • What makes the chief doubt his salvation? What does the teacher tell him?
  • How can you know that you have been saved?

About the Film

Scripture References

  • Psalms 103:9, 12
  • John 10:27, 28
  • Acts 16:31
  • Romans 10:9


An entire African village gathers in a square at sunset. There's a large screen and a projector. Those gathered watch the JESUS film. They shake their heads and cry as they watch Him being crucified.

When the movie ends, the chief of the village quietly speaks with the teacher and wants to know more about Jesus. He accepts that Jesus died for his sins. But when he gets home, he starts to think about Jesus's sacrifice and the severity of the punishment for his sins. And he's not so sure he's actually been forgiven of everything anymore.

The teacher tells the chief that if he has truly accepted Jesus as his Savior from his sins and confessed that belief, he's saved. No matter what he's done.

The wives of the chief look for the teacher and ask him about Jesus.

He tells one of the wives that if she believes Jesus sacrificed Himself for her and confesses her belief, she can have eternal life. The chief reads from the Bible and teaches his own household about following Jesus with complete devotion. People start to see his changed life in the village.

24 mins