Walking in the Spirit

Walking in the Spirit
24 mins

About the Film
The same boys decide to fight the boy again. But he's brought them a gift and apologizes for fighting with them. Some don't want to make peace with him. But the boy insists Jesus would have him apologize.

Some of them want him to be a part of the gang, but others don't want to be friends at all. One by one, they eat the bananas and drink the water. The last two boys refuse to forgive them. They think the boy is breaking up the gang.

The boys go see the teacher and ask him what he did to the boy to make him so different. The teacher and the boy tell them about Jesus. They say that any change they see is the fruit of the Spirit, evidence that Jesus is with the boy. They're invited to a gathering that night.

That night, the teacher explains that Jesus is like a vine. His children are the branches, drawing life from the Spirit, like branches draw water from a vine. And those branches will bear fruit. He goes over the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Others are drawn by the fruits as well.

But people still fail. They can't believe he apologized. He used to be completely different. The teacher says God's part is filling us with the Spirit and our part is submitting to the Holy Spirit. The boys want their life to be different and accept Jesus.

The chief visits with Yosef and thanks him for the vegetables he shared. He explains that he couldn't have given the land back without the Holy Spirit. And when he's offered alcohol, he refuses. He says Jesus is his new master. He won't take any more wives either.

Later, Yosef's daughter has an epileptic fit. Yosef and his son fight over whether to take the girl to the medicine man. The boys quickly pray for her. She calms down. They thank Jesus.

How does the boy handle the situation with his friends?

How do they react? What do they see in the boy?

How has the power of the Holy Spirit changed your life?

24 mins